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Former IAC chair Brian McWhorter (Music) composes Track & Field march

Former RG reporter Greg Bolt has the story in “Around the 0”, here. Pretty cool. I’m having a hard time maintaining my usual cynicism on this one, which certainly raises the bar for Gottfredson’s hand-picked IAC-lite replacement committee. Check out Professor McWhorter’s youtube videos here. Mostly safe for work, except the RNC theme song, here (McW’s on the left).

Update: Mary Pilon has a great story on Professor McWhorter in the NYT, here. Ms Pilon has a track record of interesting stories on IAC members. Her 2011 piece on Professor Glen Waddell’s study showing how football wins lower student grades is here.

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  1. Yoohooo 07/22/2014

    Knowing McWhorter’s music, I very much doubt the new piece of music is a march. Check your sources.

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