Admin yields to Senate on sexual assault, still hiding basketball docs

The RG has the story on Coltrane’s agreement to some but not all of the initial Senate Task Force proposals, here. From what I’ve read most campus sexual assaults are linked to athletics, fraternities, and alcohol. None of these initial recommendations target these problems.

Notably, Dana Altman and Rob Mullens have admitted that the athletic department does not provide any serious sexual assault prevention training for their athletes (unless you call Tom Hart’s presentation on Russian motorcycle gang prostitutes serious) and nothing in these initial recommendations will address that gap. But the RG quotes Coltrane:

“We feel like we’re doing enough to keep students safe this year.”

Ouch. Obviously the people on the Senate Task Force don’t believe this, and they will be proposing more action. Meanwhile not a peep from Coltrane’s secret $10Ka-head SARP, except that they’re not getting paid enough to investigate the JH coverup of the basketball allegations.

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