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Coltrane looking for new Senior Executive Assistant

Job ad here. Rumor has it that Board Secretary Angela Wilhelms wants a Chuck Triplett type, who will keep her and Chairman Chuck Lillis informed about exactly what UO’s President is up to:

Title: Senior Executive Assistant

The University of Oregon seeks applications for the Senior Executive Assistant for the Office of the President position. The Office of the President is the chief executive office for the University of Oregon. The office consists of the president, chief of staff, and several high-level executive and administrative support positions. The office staff works to provide efficient and responsible operation of the president’s office in support of the president’s initiatives and priorities in service to the students, staff, and faculty, as well as the Board of Trustees and external partners of the institution.


  1. just different 01/26/2015

    Only $60K for a senior exec sec to the university president?Seriously??

    • Old Grey Mare 01/26/2015

      Your perspective has been warped by thinking about administrative salaries. That’s generous for an assistant professor in my part of the pasture.

      • just different 01/26/2015

        It’s true that admin staff salaries are on the low side in Eugene, but a good C-level executive secretary for a big organization is easily $80K and worth every penny. On the other hand, the ad only asks for three years’ senior exec-level experience, which I find strange for this position. Comparisons with faculty salaries are apples and oranges.

  2. Steve P 01/26/2015

    “service to the … external partners of the institution” means Nike, of course.

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