Coltrane unveils plan to throw $500K and better emails at sex assault problem

You can google $115K Duck Advocate Tobin Clinger’s report on Monday’s Campus Conversation in “Around the 0”, but the report from UO student reporter Daniel Bieker in the Daily Emerald, here, is better:

A member of the University of Oregon’s Senate Task Force Addressing Sexual Violence, [Carly] Smith, expressed her concern with the administration’s emails and asked whether the nature of the messages will change.

“Our messaging has not always been on the right topics or with the right message, and we’re working on that,” Coltrane said.

No shit. And who has been in charge of that messaging? Our Duck PR flacks, Tim Clevenger and Tobin Klinger. Starting from at least March 17, a week after the alleged assault, and seven weeks before the campus found out about it. How’s that for strategic discommunication?

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