UO has open, affirmative action compliant search for Assistant VP

I know, you think I must be kidding. Of course I’m not talking about Bronet and Coltrane’s AVP for Collaboration Chuck Triplett, whom UO was apparently forced to take off Pernsteiner’s hands as part of the deal for an independent board. UO hired him at $130K – a $58K raise – without a job announcement, search, or apparently even a job description. Lucky Chuck, I wonder what he promised Oregon’s good-old-boy network in return?

No, I’m talking about the Office of Equity and Inclusion’s new AVP for program evaluation. Job announcement and detailed job description here, three finalists with public job talks on campus this week, publicly announced on AroundThe0. What a revolutionary idea.

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3 Responses to UO has open, affirmative action compliant search for Assistant VP

  1. Not in JHall says:

    The Triplett appointment was made by others years before bronet and Coltrane were in their current positions. The syntax implies they made that non AA compliant appointment. a smear unnecessary to the legitimate point being made. Words must matter equally on all sides if the campus is to ever emerge from dysfunction and mistrust.

    • uomatters says:

      No, it’s on them. Look at the org chart. He reports to them. They supervise him. They can reassign him. They should have done so last fall. Instead they let him continue to add to the JH poison about the Senate.

  2. Furthermore says:

    Chuck promised the other Chuck he’d enfeeble the senate. Coltrane/Bronet are too scared to get in the middle.