Bargaining VI at 2PM today, Library collaboration room

The administration is still stalling on their economic counter proposal. Word is Jamie Moffitt will have something to show for herself on Friday April 10, 2PM. I’m not sure what articles today’s session will cover.

The report on Bargaining V is here. I may be able to do a little live blogging on today’s session, but in any case check Luebke’s blog, here. If that’s not updated, wait for Duck Advocate Tobin Klinger to post some junk on AroundTheOops, or for UAUO’s David Cecil and Kristy Hammond to post their summary on the union webpage.

Meanwhile, I really need to update the out-dated bloat spreadsheet with the latest raises for our administrative colleagues:

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One Response to Bargaining VI at 2PM today, Library collaboration room

  1. SaveUofO says:

    Even though Park and the guy running the law school are below the national average I still think we can get better for less.