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Coltrane at AAU meetings – hope there’s no bad news

The rumor is Berdahl secured us a few years of grace, but the new UO Board doesn’t have long to produce the resources they promised to bring to the table, in return for getting independence from the state.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.39.25 AM


  1. Makes you wanna shout 04/21/2015

    Let’s hope Coltrane’s Wednesday meeting with “congretional” leaders, whoever they might be, goes well. Sounds important.

  2. SaveUofO 04/22/2015

    I have mixed feelings about independece from the state. Considering the monstrosity the upper administration has become, won’t we weather far worse without the ability of state rules have given us to try to hold these petty tyrants accountable?

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