$1M endowment for new UO Archivist

Around the 0 reports:

The Giustina Forest Foundation has pledged $1 million to endow the Giustina Director of Special Collections and University Archives. In the upcoming months and in perpetuity, the gift ensures that the library will always be able to recruit and retain the strongest possible candidate to fill this essential leadership role.

We are incredibly thankful to the Giustina Forest Foundation for this exceptional and highly relevant gift,” said Adriene Lim, dean of libraries and Philip H. Knight Chair. “Among other important duties, the director is ultimately responsible for overseeing the permanent preservation of unique, often priceless materials. The person who fills this role will also facilitate public access to these collections and, in that way, is a valuable partner of our high-achieving faculty members and students.”

Meanwhile no word on a settlement for former Archivist James Fox, who was fired by Scott Coltrane for what Coltrane prejudicially called “unlawful” actions in the release of the UO presidential archives. Coltrane wouldn’t release the investigative report that supposedly backed up that claim.

Speaking of public access, Dean Adriene Lim is still refusing to release her emails to the ALA about “the incident” unless I pay her $210.

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4 Responses to $1M endowment for new UO Archivist

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    The Giustina family has also endowed positions in Italian (at UO) and in forestry (OSU).

  2. Observer says:

    The situation with James Fox is a travesty.

    • just different says:

      Yes. The petition to reinstate him should be resubmitted to our new president. The people who sacrificed him are hoping everyone will just forget it now that the news cycle has moved on.

  3. Anas Clypeata says:

    You can’t “recruit and retain the strongest possible candidate” if you treat your employees poorly. Money helps, but it doesn’t solve all of your recruiting and retention problems.

    I’m also curious how the income from a $1 million endowment (about $40K per year) makes such a significant difference.

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