Uh, which baseless allegations is it this time, Klinger?

9/26/2015: Regarding the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiner recommendation of a $5K fine against UO Director of Counseling and Testing Shelly Kerr for handing confidential counseling records to UO lawyers Doug Park and Sam Hill:

“Klinger said administrators were “surprised and disappointed” by the board’s proposed disciplinary actions against Kerr.”

8/13/2015, here. About the new lawsuit by Jennifer Morlock and Karen Stokes, alleging that UO retaliated after they blew the whistle on the UO GC’s seizure of Jane Doe’s counseling records.

“UO spokesman Tobin Klinger said in an emailed statement that the allegations are baseless.”


Here: Regarding UO’s decision not to hire HLGR to negotiate with the faculty union for this bargaining round,

“That is not in any way, shape or form an assertion about any past practice,” Klinger said in a voicemail. “The two are not at all related.”

2/23/2015, here. Regarding UO’s decision to countersue Jane Doe the freshman survivor of an alleged gang rape by 3 of Dana Altman’s basketball players. Paragraph 102 of the counterclaim from the defendant UO states: “defendants are entitled to recover attorney fees from the plaintiff.”

“The university is not seeking court costs or attorney fees from a student,” Klinger said in an email.

A little hard to believe, given that the UO court filing, in paragraph 102, said

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