UO Institutional Research to post quarterly salary reports after union bargaining is done

These would have been pretty useful during the faculty union bargaining and I imagine they would still be to SEIU. They haven’t been updated since the end of 2014, and it looks like they won’t be until the end of September, at which point they’ll be 9 months behind. The September report will show the latest data on bloat among UO senior administrators, so stay tuned.

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Hi Bill. Additional reporting obligations meant that these reports couldn’t be updated as quickly as we would like. We are hoping to have the set complete by the end of September.

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Any news on these?

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10 Responses to UO Institutional Research to post quarterly salary reports after union bargaining is done

  1. smitty says:

    Of course they won’t be available until after they think the SEIU contract will be settled.

    That nice bit of $ the legislature gave the UO? That was earmarked for tuition and employee compensation? Hmmm? Where did that go? Perhaps we’ll find out at the end of september. I wonder how trustworthy the report will be, if there are perks and other $ the top will get that aren’t included (cars, expense accounts, etc, etc etc).

  2. Bat Girl says:

    With regard to the trustworthiness of the report: publishing a formatted report as a PDF makes it very difficult to analyze the data. If we had a database, we could sum the salary data and then benchmark it against other reported totals for administration, faculty salaries etc.

    By the way, does anyone know how the union verifies that the administration actually awards the agreed upon merit salary increases? Most faculty only see their own merit increase — how do we know whether the unit totals are as specified in the CBA?

  3. chompers says:

    Can you post the script also? I tried once or twice and could never make anything useful from the text of the pdf.

  4. Dog says:

    well for unclassified people, their current salary is basically the same as listed in the 12/2014 report.


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