ASUO threatens to halt Fraternity / Sorority expansion over sexual assaults

Reporter Olivia Decklar has the story in the Emerald, here:

Results of the latest campus Climate Survey, conducted by Jennifer J. Freyd, University of Oregon psychology professor, revealed 100% of Fraternity and Sorority Life-affiliated female students that reported non-consensual sexual contact were violated by male perpetrators.

“Imagine that Greek Life is a red square, taped on the ground, and if you walk into that red square, you are three times as likely to be sexually assaulted,” said Zach Lusby, the Associated Students of the University of Oregon senate seat three. “Why on earth are we making more squares?”

After the results from the Climate Survey were published, FSL conducted an external review, an assessment managed by professionals who are not affiliated with the UO and its FSL, on Oct. 12 and 13. …

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