UO puts bike violators on $1 an hour Bicycle Safety Patrol chain gang

And you thought the Code of Ethics was silly. How does this sort of thing get through Chuck Triplett’s office? I’m beginning to think that his policy realignment efforts may not be entirely reliable:

Technical revisions enacted by the University Secretary on September 3, 2015:

E. Bicycle Penalties, Citations, and Fines

(1) Any impounded bicycle shall be stored in a secure facility designated for such purpose by the Director of Public Safety.

(2) A fine (see section E(4) of this policy) shall be charged to the owner prior to the release of any impounded bicycle. Any bicycle being released must be properly registered prior to its release unless the owner or the owner’s designee can show reasonable proof that the bicycle will not be operated on the University campus or, if the owner is neither a student nor University employee, that the bicycle will not be on campus more often than five times a term.

(3) Citations for violations by bicycle riders shall carry a fine:

(a) A schedule of fines shall be published annually as a part of UO Policy 570.060, under the subheading Parking-Bicycle Fines, of UO Policy 570.060(A), Special Fees, Fines, Penalties, Service Charges;

(b) As an alternative to a fine, cited bicycle riders/owners may be required to serve as a member of the Bicycle Safety Patrol at a rate of one hour of service for every dollar of the fine levied. …

If anyone can find “UO Policy 570.060(A), Special Fees, Fines, Penalties, Service Charges”, please let me know.

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6 Responses to UO puts bike violators on $1 an hour Bicycle Safety Patrol chain gang

  1. Anonymous says:

    Special fines and fees policy: https://policies.uoregon.edu/special-fees-fines-penalties-service-charges

    The document itself, including how much a unit can spend on an owl: http://pages.uoregon.edu/baoforms/bao_drupal_6/sites/brp.uoregon.edu/files/brp/fees/FY16FeesFines101315.pdf

    This policy is one of the former OARs that we adopted en masse and are just now going through. I emailed Kelly McIver about this one a while ago when I found it. To his knowledge, the UO has never implemented such a thing.

    • just different says:

      I downloaded this just to find out what the owl per diem was. ($0.78-$7, which I guess depends on the size of the owl.) I’m still wondering what a shoebox of “laminar flow” is.
      As for the bicycle penalties, I don’t think it’s silly at all, given the bike free-for-all that is the UO campus. What I doubt is whether any of it is enforceable.

  2. Hart says:

    The bike policy specifically: http://policies.uoregon.edu/bicycle-licensing-use-and-parking

    Fines and fees review is undertaken annually, right now (updates for 2016-17 are due this week-ish), although that is not about policy but about dollar amounts, which is the long pdf already linked to.

    It’s worth knowing that since we have to forecast for the next fiscal year in November (whatever is updated this week is in effect through June 2017) often things get included in order to be allowed to charge them if something comes to fruition – like, if I am in the process of planning to produce and sell sharktopuses for the UO, and I mean for this to start up in March 2017, I need to put a line in the booklet now regarding the cost per sharktopus, even if I know there is a good chance that this beast cannot be created. This means sometimes there are things in there that look kind of weird because then they are never used.

  3. SaveUofO says:

    So do we have a police department or public safety department? I thought we no longer had public safety? This is likely one of many issues you will discover with this mass import of administrative rules into policy. I wonder how many more flawed policies like this exist?

  4. Cool Hand Luke says:

    What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.