Tim Boyle gives $10M for Zebrafish facility

Update: More in Around the O, here.

Andrew Theen has the good news on this generous gift to support basic science, in the Oregonian here:

The $10 million gift is the largest to the university since President Michael Schill arrived on campus last July, and it comes as Schill has emphasized the importance of increasing the school’s research portfolio and ensuring academic excellence.

Actually, if you think the Ducks are part of UO, as our administrators like to claim, it’s Schill’s third largest gift. Phil & Penny Knight gave at least $20M for the Mariota center (probably more like $40M) and another $13.5M towards renovating Hayward Field.

The largest gift Mike Gottfredson brought in was $10M for a new softball field.

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8 Responses to Tim Boyle gives $10M for Zebrafish facility

  1. Duckduckgo says:

    Thanks to the Boyles for the thoughtful donation!

  2. Concerned PI says:

    This is fantastic! An investment right to the core of a UO signature research program. It’s very exciting, and a great gesture on the part of the donor to support world-class, fundamental science. It would be fabulous to see more donations along these lines.

  3. awesome0 says:

    Rightfully recognized as the largest donation to the University. Athletics don’t cut it.

    • Grateful says:

      This is a very wonderful gift and please also remember that Lorry Lokey has given north of $150 million, all for academics, $75M alone for SAGE, the graduate education program in the sciences. Most recently $8 million to transform the science library. Speaking of libraries, if it weren’t for Phil Knight our main library building would be half its current size. And I am sure you know at least one of the 25 Knight professors and chairs, who benefit from Mr. Knight’s far-sighted gift in the 1980s. Possibly you have not noticed the theatre seats named for Phil and Penny in the renovated, hugely expanded theatre complex. Not all Knight gifts are publicized.

  4. six impossible things before breakfast says:

    Yes, this is a donation with impact for the academic mission of the university. Thanks are indeed due to the donors.

  5. just a thought says:

    $934 million donations thus far. Impressive number. They will likely surpass the billion dollar mark by the end of the year.

    However, it has taken 5-6 years to get to this number. It will be a while before they meet their big goal. How many big $1 million+ gifts are left?

  6. Old Man says:

    The Gift from Tim Boyle is very well aimed. The zebra fish research is a shining example of UO “excellence”. The released accounts of the gift failed to identify fully the appropriateness of the gift in terms of the relationships among Gert Boyle (Tim’s mother), Hildegard Lamfrom (Gert’s sister), George Streisinger, our Institute of Molecular Biology, and the zebrafish research. Briefly: Hildegard and her domestic and scientific partner, Anand Sarabhai, joined the Institute (1967-70) as visitors at the invitation of George, at a time when zebra fish research was George’s favorite off-budget activity. Sometime after George’s fish cloning paper appeared in Nature in 1981, the molecular Biologists recognized the vast potential of this research for neuro- and developmental biology and supported its location in the Institute for Neurobiology, where it has flourished.

  7. Thom Aquinas says:

    Wonderful news! Big thanks to the gracious donors!