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Noah McGraw report blames UOPD disarray on bad JH oversight

His excellent summary is in the Emerald, here. Some good quotes from a former officer and the usual pablum from the UO administration. All worth reading.

The VPFA has responsibility for managing the UOPD (previously known as Public Safety). The VPFA was initially France Dyke, then in 2012 or so, after a failed external search, Lariviere promoted Jamie Moffitt to VPFA. Moffitt had been on the search committee, which raised some potential COI questions about her promotion. Her previous job had been managing Duck athletic finances. During the Cleavenger debacle Schill moved UOPD oversight from Moffitt to Andre Le Duc in Risk Management, who reports to Moffitt.


  1. Getitright 03/14/2016

    FYI, Nix was never an officer. She was a dispatcher. According to the story, she left 6 years ago so I don’t see how anything she had to say was or is relevant. Maybe a little more research might have helped.

    • uomatters Post author | 03/14/2016

      Would UO Communications would let any current officers talk freely to the press? I wonder if McDermed signed an NDA.

      • Anonymous 03/14/2016

        If so you may hear positive things. Believe it or not the department employees caring people who work hard and do good in the community. Not that news worthy though I guess. Almost three quarters of the current staff were never around when it was public safety and during the cleavenger/tripp era.

        • uomatters Post author | 03/14/2016

          Good point. Police have a really tough job, and in general I find they handle it with a lot of grace.

    • Old Guard 03/15/2016

      Actually Nix was an officer prior to being a dispatcher. I can’t remember exactly what type of officer (PSO, APSO, SO, etc.) because there were so many variations over the years, but she was an officer for a little while then became a dispatcher. Not that the distinction even matters because as a dispatcher she was still part of the department and still under the direction of the Chief, just like all the officers. Maybe “getitright” should have done a little more research…

  2. Captain Nemo 03/14/2016

    It is most unfortunate that the decision to shift to an armed police force was made BEFORE the structure of the department, both in terms of personnel and costs, had been resolved. The degree of ‘wishful thinking’ and miscalculation that one observed earlier with F. Dyke, and today with J. Moffitt, does not encourage the campus community to believe that a new chief will make much of a difference.

  3. Armchair Librarian 03/14/2016

    Andre is a nice enough guy that doesn’t know the first thing about supervising police officers. Right now he’s getting paid to take the bullet for Jamie should another scandal arise.

  4. ANON 03/14/2016

    Lariviere was a disaster when it came to hiring. We still pay for that.

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