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UO pays Cleavenger $1M for Bowl of Dicks retaliation

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  1. Captain Nemo 05/18/2016

    It is bad enough to pay this amount, but the accumulation of cases that have involved costs of all kinds casts a very dark shadow on ability of the lead UO administrators over the last five years. Good if Schill can put an end to the bleeding, but to see resources that might have been used to further the educational mission of the UO diverted to these expenses is very very painful

  2. Headless 05/18/2016

    What’s our over/under for number of people that we pay people to go away compared to other universities? To other similar sized orgs? Do we get in these situations more than our peers?

  3. UO Alum 05/20/2016

    Regardless of the settlement, B of D remains one of UOs brands. We can’t escape it.
    Phil has spent multiple millions for the same.

  4. Professor Person 05/21/2016

    When Schill arrived, and especially when he brought in a new General Counsel, many of us had hope that things here would change for the better. UO had such deficient GCs for years and we rejoiced when it seemed a new approach was finally here. Alas, the new GC might be smarter and more competent than the last two (which is not saying much) but he increasingly seems to be arrogant and over-reaching (not yet as bad as Geller perhaps but on that path). This heavy-handed approach may have some short-run benefits but it creates long-term (~3 years out) liability. Even if all one cares about is reducing legal liability (and one would hope the business of a university is about more than that), the best long-term protection is to foster liberation and to empower all members of the university community to be forward looking. Hopefully our new senior administrators (many of whom seem to be seeing the UO as a stepping-stone on a career ladder) will realize that it is in their career interests to be known for their long-term vision and their ability to bring out the best in others — which almost always involves fostering empowerment, not oppression.

  5. samsonite 05/30/2016

    A new frat, Beta Omicron Delta, should be established for the sole purpose of staging fundraisers to defray legal fees for the many law suits that have befallen this once fine institution. I’m sure there are many fine students who would proudly wear BOD shirts. Perhaps they could even maintain the original BOD list, enshrined in a glass case in their entry as a testimony to all that high school mentality belongs in high school and not in the management positions of UO.

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