UO gets $6M to endow family counseling and speech clinic

6/28/2016: UO gets $6M from Marin Community Foundation to endow family counseling and speech clinic. Andrew Theen has the good news in the Oregonian:

“Our long-term vision is to expand the college’s clinic and capabilities to become the educational and social-services equivalent of a modern teaching hospital,” UO President Michael Schill said in a statement. “This very generous gift is a game-changing step toward achieving that goal.” Services at the clinic average $15 per client, according to the university, giving Eugene and Springfield residents access to therapy at a lower cost.

6/17/2016: University of Oregon gets $7 million gift for science from Fords. Diane Dietz has the good news here.

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9 Responses to UO gets $6M to endow family counseling and speech clinic

  1. thanks for the gift says:

    It’s nice to know they are going to renovate.

    There’s nothing more wasteful than demolishing a perfectly useful facility.

  2. Hippo says:

    Think of where we might be now as a research university if Allyn Ford hadn’t sacked Lariviere — no Gottfredson, no Berdahl, no Coltrane….

    • uomatters says:

      Troll. We all know Kitzhaber gave the order, and then Donegan, Pernsteiner, and Triplett happily did the firing.

  3. Dog says:

    To President Schill

    Its not high speed computing that scientists want. Its

    a) high PERFORMANCE computing

    b) A strong scientific computing support group – for example


  4. Texas Guy says:


    UO Matters bait. Baseball team lost 1.7 million in fiscal year 2015, not counting the $780,000 debt repayment for the year.

    • uomatters says:

      Drop baseball, and we’d have more than enough to cover the hole Coltrane dug for CAS Humanities.

      • Dog says:

        Oh come on UOM – Coltrane has held it together, as has been his previous praise. How could have have dug this hole? Did he have a shovel or was he just looking the other way when the dogs dug
        deep into the ground …

  5. The Grumbling Hive says:

    $13M for two solid academic causes in one month. Not bad. Any news on how much of the $20M for Lillis and Bean’s sports spires of excellence programs has been raised?