University pres sues students for posting details of secret deal with allegedly abusive prof

Buzzfeed has a good summary of events at UK so far:

… According to 122 pages of investigation documents that were leaked to the student paper, the independently run Kentucky Kernel, Harwood violated school sexual assault policies by “fondling” the two students at two conferences in 2012 and 2013. He was also found to have sexually harassed the students in each case. Three other students did not file formal complaints but testified to the investigator about other alleged incidents of sexual misconduct as recently as 2015.

The university would not confirm the authenticity of the documents, which the Kernelreported are signed by the university’s deputy Title IX coordinator, Martha Alexander.

The investigation, which concluded in December, was initially kept secret. The investigator recommended that Harwood’s “employment with the University be terminated and his tenure as a faculty member be revoked.” But Harwood’s subsequent agreement with the university allowed him to resign instead of going through the lengthy process of a disciplinary hearing. This also means that the investigation won’t be disclosed if he applies to new jobs. …

Hey, it’s not like the students did anything as evil as posting Randy Geller’s memo on dissolving the UO Senate. This one reminds me of Mike Gottfredson’s efforts to keep that vampire business quiet. Jacques Derrida’s letters ici.

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