One Response to PERS pick-up

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Bottom line: a lot of people would like to make employees pay the 6% “employee contribution” in effect a 6% pay cut. Very difficult to pull off.

    In addition, some people would even like to redirect that 6% from a true employee account, to basically a fund to pay for past Tier 1 deficits. (Oversimplifying a bit.) Essentially, a 6% tax on current public employees.

    I don’t see any way this would possibly survive in court.

    The state really is in a bind on PERS and also new costs related to the massive Medicaid expansion the state chose a few years ago, for which the bills are coming due.

    Expect either M97 to pass, or massive cuts to education, or some new emergency tax scheme from the glorious legislature.

    Most likely some combination of the last two.