UO hires Sarah Nutter as B-School Dean, from George Mason

The LCB has been without a permanent dean since Kees de Kluyver “retired” in spring 2015, to take a year’s leave at full pay, and give up his tenure.

Nutter seems like a great hire, who will add some real diversity – as in diversity of thought – to UO’s leadership. Google Scholar on UO’s new Dean:

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A nice 2014 puff piece with video, here:

… If you could pick anyone — dead or alive — to be your mentor, who would it be? Katharine Bushnell. She was born in 1856 and died in 1946. She was a medical doctor, a Christian writer, a medical missionary to China, a Bible scholar. She wrote “God’s Word to Women” that came out of a lifetime of social reform for women. She was an awesome, amazing, kick-ass woman and she did it in a time where there wasn’t a single thing in her favor.

What do you love about academia? For those that are privileged enough to be part of it, it’s the best job in the world. You have the opportunity to empower people every day, with students, with faculty, to explore really interesting questions. As an organization, some refer to academics as herding cats. Your leadership style has to be collaborative. Strategic. There are political aspects to the job. It’s persuasive. You lead by example. …

And a more substantive one here.

In 2014 her GMU pay was $330K. Here’s a GMU blurb:


George Mason University has selected Sarah Nutter as dean for the School of Business. The school’s acting dean since May 2013, Nutter will head a U.S. News & World Report top 100 business school that counts almost 4,000 students in its five undergraduate majors and seven graduate programs.

Nutter, an accounting professor and former Internal Revenue Service economist, was one of three finalists for dean. She has served in a variety of leadership roles at George Mason, including as the presidential fellow, interim university chief of staff and chair of the steering committee of Mason’s strategic visioning process. She also is a senior scholar at Mason’s Mercatus Center and has previously served as the accounting area chair and director of the executive MBA program. …


And today’s announcement from UO:


I am thrilled to announce that Sarah Nutter, the current dean of the school of business at George Mason University, will take the helm of the University of Oregon Charles H. Lundquist College of Business on January 17, 2017.

In her new role as dean of the Lundquist College, Nutter will lead a college that was founded in 1914 and today enrolls more than 5,000 students in a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, including accounting, finance, sustainable business practices, entrepreneurship, and sports marketing. Nutter has served as dean at George Mason since 2013.

The UO is gaining a talented dean with significant experience in academic leadership and strategic planning, built on an inclusive approach that has permeated every aspect of her work. This is an exciting time for the UO and for the Lundquist College of Business, and Sarah has the vision, academic background, and leadership skills that are needed to leverage the college’s considerable strengths as we work to enhance excellence and deliver world-class educational opportunities to our students.

After earning her PhD in accounting from Michigan State University, Sarah joined the faculty at George Mason in 1995. She is a senior scholar in the Mercatus Center at George Mason and has served as chair of the accounting department and director of the business school’s executive MBA program. In addition she was a presidential fellow with responsibility for campus-wide initiatives.

In addition to Nutter’s inclusive approach in working with internal constituents, the dean and professor of accounting also transformed the advisory boards and councils for the business school by enlisting a 200-strong group of executives and business professionals to help guide the college.

We also want to express great appreciation to Bruce Blonigen, who has been serving as interim dean for the last several months while also chairing this critical search. I would also like to again thank James Terborg for his service as interim dean in the year prior. Their efforts have gone above and beyond.

Please join me in welcoming Sarah Nutter to the University of Oregon and the Lundquist College of Business.


Scott Coltrane

Provost and Senior Vice President

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