Duck’s Willie Taggart brings UO more of that national publicity money can’t buy

2/24/2017: The Washington Post takes a break from their coverage of President Donald Trump’s decision to ban NYT reporters from his press briefings to pick up the story on Duck coach Willie Taggart’s decision to ban Oregonian reporter Andrew Greif, from UO student-journalist Kenny Jacoby:

The WaPo report is a bit sloppy though, labeling Tim Gleason as a UO journalism professor, rather than as the Duck’s well paid “Faculty” Athletics Representative.

2/23/2017: Coach Taggart’s feelings are hurt, so he won’t talk to reporter

I’d never realized that football coaches were such sensitive types. Trumpesque, even? Kenny Jacoby has the story in the Emerald:

Oregon’s new football coach is still upset over a Jan. 16 news report about an early season workout that sent three of his players to the hospital. The report resulted in the suspension of strength and conditioning coach Irele Oderinde for one month without pay.

Head coach Willie Taggart, whom Oregon hired to replace Mark Helfrich in December, said he is no longer speaking to The Oregonian reporter who broke the story, claiming that the reporter’s characterization of the workouts as “grueling” and “akin to military basic training” were inaccurate, unfair and directly contradicted what Taggart told the reporter before the story was written.

Andrew Greif, whose story broke the news about the players’ hospitalization, defended the piece, noting that multiple sources characterized the workouts as grueling and militaristic. He said UO spokespeople did not question those characterizations when he asked them to confirm the nature of the workouts.“When you’re not fair and honest, then to me that’s personal,” Taggart said. “When you do something that’s negative and it’s going to be personal, then I won’t have shit to do with you.” …

Uh, wait a minute, coach. The strength coach you hired put three of our students in the hospital for a week – and you’re mad at the *reporter* because he hurt your *feelings*?

Say what you will about cousin Jim, at least he’s not a crybaby. On the matter of actual harm, I wonder how much the Ducks are paying to settle with the student-athletes?

And speaking of trying to intimidate reporters, I wonder how the investigation of the Athletic Department’s threat to pull Mr. Jacoby’s press credentials is going.

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11 Responses to Duck’s Willie Taggart brings UO more of that national publicity money can’t buy

  1. Payroll Guy says:

    Too bad we couldn’t at the least hire someone that doesn’t act like they are a child on the playground that had their dump truck taken away.

  2. Inquiring Minds says:

    Hmm, blame the press for their “fake news”. I see a trend, but not a very good one.

  3. boo-hoo says:

    Wow. A precious snowflake in the coaching world?
    We haven’t even had Spring Football and he’s put reporters on notice, had to fire two coaches for alcohol related issues, suspended a coach after 3 players ended up in the hospital, and had a police escort for a recruiting visit because it was … important.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next. Popcorn at the ready!

  4. eugenenative says:

    This jerk needlessly caused two of his players to wind up in Sacred Heart for a solid week and one for 4 days. He’s got no right to be angry at anyone but himself – certainly a sportswriter who’s doing his job. He needs to act like a grownup, not a petulant child.

  5. eugenenative says:

    “Gleason added that the workout was a “teambuilding exercise” such that if one player erred during an exercise, the whole group had to repeat it over again.”

    That right there is a “military-style” workout. Taggart may not like it but it is accurate reporting.

  6. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Oh boy. Snowflakes everywhete now. Law school, football tea. We need more safe spaces!

    And the workouts are said to be grueling, even like basic training in the military! Not for the faint of heart or the Ducks football team. (Though basic training probably won’t land you in the hospital, but combat will.)

    Always a good story out of U of O!

  7. Plain Interested says:

    Short honeymoon! Must not be made in heaven.

  8. Not your cousin Jim says:

    Hate to break it to you but cousin Jim has been guilty of the same antics. He’s a notorious crybaby and his twitter presence is very Trumpesque

  9. Moonman says:

    I am withholding judgment until the middle of next season. If Willy doesn’t make the Ducks Great Again they should double-down on those “team-building exercises.”