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UO spending on racial diversity triples since 2011, consultants cash in

This does not seem to include spending on the UMRP, probably about $1M a year, or spending by the colleges:

Here’s a snippet of the 2015-16 Equity and Inclusion’s operations spending. From what I can tell none of it went to help students pay tuition. Outside consultants got $360K for “services and supplies” – and they’ve already topped that for 2016-17:




  1. honest Uncle Bernie 04/24/2017

    I suspect the actual diversity expenditures are a lot higher, when you count everything.

    Way back when in the last diversity battle — was it 2006? — some faculty were badgering the then-serving diversity officer for numbers on how much was being spent. Then-provost John Moseley came up with a breakdown of all the money, bless his heart.

    Yes, the great days of transparency with Moseley and Frohnmayer!

    Well, as I recall — memory may be faulty — it was a multiple — of 3 or 4? — of what you have for FY 06.

    If people really want to talk about how much is being spent on diversity, better get the right figures for everything, so we at least know what we’re talking about. I would be surprised if it’s not a multiple of what you have. A lot of tuition money there? But I’m just speculating. I’d be surprised if half a dozen people know the true figure. And I wouldn’t bet on them telling.

  2. Anonymous 04/27/2017

    I may be reading that wrong, but doesn’t that indicate that the money hasn’t been spent, therefore consultants have not been “cashing in?”

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