CAS Dean claws back department funds to pay for diversity plans

I don’t know why the Office of Equity and Inclusion can’t fund the Diversity Action Plans out of their large and growing budget. But it seems like the colleges are going to have to pay, and in CAS that’s going to mean the departments:

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11 Responses to CAS Dean claws back department funds to pay for diversity plans

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    (W.) is very much in the grip of the diversity ideology, as is UO as a whole. And then throw in ada, title ix, and on and on and on and you have many millions, maybe several tens if you could ever get an accurate count. For what???

    The state, despite itself, may be uncannily wise about the 10.6% tuition increase.

  2. just different says:

    As usual, the amount being allocated is not a lot of money and it makes perfect sense to tax summer revenue, so presumably the objection here is what the money is being earmarked for. I would also add that if the departments themselves had been doing an adequate job with this all along, the additional CAS-level initiatives might not be necessary.

    Instead of the standard content-free hyperbole about “waste” and “totalitarianism,” I would be very interested to know what the reasoning is behind categorically opposing diversity & inclusion initiatives. Do you really think that people who aren’t white/middle-class/cisgender/nondisabled, etc., get the same access to opportunity as people who are? Do you really think the existing structures and processes serve these “other” people anywhere near as well?

    • UO Matters says:

      I’m not “categorically opposing diversity & inclusion initiatives”. Far from it. 10 years ago I helped start SAIL, which is now arguably UO’s largest such initiative, and it is still growing. We run it for a small fraction of the $2.5M a year the Equity and Inclusion Office spends on administration.

      • bring it says:

        SAIL is a very important pipeline program for kids. Filling the pipeline is one goal – making sure that the end of pipeline doesn’t get stopped up is the other side. If you have great, cheap ideas for increasing the numbers and success of UO students and faculty from diverse populations, bring it on!

        • Really? says:

          Is it really an important pipeline program? How many SAIL participants actually end up at the UO?

        • just different says:

          And as for SAIL’s low cost, how much is due to invisible subsidy by the university because the faculty participants “volunteer”? Is it practical for every D&I initiative be done like that?

          I’m not knocking SAIL, which I think is terrific. We just shouldn’t compare apples with oranges.

  3. Salty says:

    Remind me again: at what point is the U of O considered “diverse” enough?

  4. really says:

    Seems odd just enough money to pay for the new CAS dean.