Nominee for UO Board of Trustees makes public records request for Senate letters to the Governor

And promptly received them from the Senate, at no charge. From UO’s Public Records log here:

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  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Maybe related, maybe not much related, but might be of interest. This somehow came to my attention, hadn’t heard a word of it until a couple of days ago.

    Mandatory cultural competency — what, training? — for all higher education employees?

    How has this not been widely known and discussed?

    Has the UO administration, or the senate, or anyone taken a public stand on this?

    • UO Matters says:

      This legislation does *not* require “mandatory cultural competency training”. The Oregon Student Alliance pushed for that, but the faculty unions got the mandatory part stripped out in committee, and then the Republicans added some stuff about family values:

      (c) “Cultural competency” means an understanding of how institutions and individuals
      can respond respectfully and effectively to people from all cultures, economic statuses, language
      backgrounds, races, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, religions, genders, gender identifications,
      sexual orientations, veteran statuses and other characteristics in a manner that
      recognizes, affirms and values the worth, and preserves the dignity, of individuals, families
      and communities.

      But don’t worry – there’s not going to be “mandatory family values training” either. This bill just mandates that the universities piss away money designing programs, hiring consultants, and report back to the legislature on their window-dressing efforts. All unfunded of course. Thank you for wasting tuition money, OSA.

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        Thanks for the clarification.

        The State Leg must really have everything else under good control to be doing this stuff.

      • just different says:

        OK, so what exactly is UO Matters’ position on diversity and inclusion issues? High-level administrative or legislative involvement = bad, so good = ???

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