UO Senate Agenda, UOPD Chief announces Tazers and semi-auto rifles

Update: While I am not sure the AR-15’s, Tazers, ducked-up trucks are an improvement, Chief Matt Carmichael has done an enormous amount to improve the UOPD. And he’s somehow done it without spending any new UO money, so far:

4:25PM It’s taking him quite a while to get around to it, but I think Chief Carmichael will eventually announce that UOPD has already or will soon introduce new weapons to campus: Tazers and semi-automatic rifles.

4:35PM UOPD will introduce Tazers, arguing they are an alternative to police having to shoot people. UOPD will also have body cameras, activated by Tazer activation.

4:37PM UOPD will also introduce “patrol rifles” with high capacity clips and ammo that can penetrate body armor. These will be kept locked in gun safes in the patrol cars.

4:41PM UOPD and Duck Athletics will get a bomb-sniffing dog, and hire a handler.

October 18, 2017 The meeting is 3-5, the faculty club is open 5-7 W, Th & 4-6Fr.
Location:  EMU 145 & 146 (Crater Lake rooms)
Agenda Minutes |  Watch

3:00 P.M.   Call to Order

  • Introductory Remarks; Senate President Chris Sinclair
  • Remarks: Invited Students
  • Remarks: Provost Banavar

3:30 P.M.   Approval of MinutesOctober 4, 2017

3:30 P.M.   Business/Reports

  • Business: HECC; Frances White (Anthropology), Chair of Academic Council
  • Business: Responsible Reporting; Darci Heroy (Title IX Coord.) & Missy Matella (General Counsel’s Office)
  • US17/18-01: Affirmation of the Responsibilities of Faculty Regarding Curriculum; Rob Kyr (Music), President of IFS
  • Business: Academic Freedom, Bill Harbaugh (Economics), Senate VP
  • Report: Update from Chief Carmichael (UOPD Chief) and the UOPD Student Assistants
  • Business: Senate Procedures

4:50 P.M.    Open Discussion
4:50 P.M.   Reports
4:50 P.M.   Notice(s) of Motion
4:50 P.M.   Other Business
5:00 P.M.   Adjourn

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14 Responses to UO Senate Agenda, UOPD Chief announces Tazers and semi-auto rifles

  1. important announcement says:

    What, are they going to finally apologize for telling the mayor and the student body president that they can go eat an entire bowl of their l’il smokies? Is anyone from the English Dept. on Senate that can teach them how to say sorry?

  2. anonec says:

    Did they find the promised cost savings or are they going back to UO Public Safety?

  3. The truth says:

    Why should they apologize for something that was never said? That claim was made by a former employee who himself referred to Occupy Eugene as District 9 over recorded police radio and then claimed in a lawsuit how disgusted and offended he was by the officers District 9 comment. You don’t believe it? Public record request the audio from UOPD.

    • anonec says:

      Who is “they”? She made the argument – as a representative of UO and in charge of UOPS – to persuade the legislature.

  4. anonec says:

    UOPD’s new public outreach campaign

    How does OSU’s budget for Public Safety and rented State troopers compare?

  5. environmental necessity says:

    1. Body cameras should be on at all times (or at least from the first moment of interactions with people), not just when activated by use of the Tazers. Let’s say an officer is abusive to a student, the student lashes out, officer Tazers student. As I interpret this plan, the camera doesn’t start rolling until the Tazering.

    2. The idea UOPD needs to arm up is crazy when there is an EPD station closer to most of campus than the UOPD office. It is pen – I mean gun envy. They should never have been permitted to carry guns in the first place. Again, there is a UOPD station with cars closer to nearly all of campus than the UOPD office. Let them do the work of protecting the public – it’s why the public pays for that station – and let UOPD handle crowd control, opening doors, dealing with public intoxication on campus, etc. Police militarization is a serious problem and we should not continue up that ladder with campus police.

    • DWD says:

      1.) Body cams are actually always on, but they don’t save the recording until ‘activated’. They can be set to start the recording from a timepoint previous to activation. For example, UOPD cameras could be set to save 30 seconds backwards in time from activation, which would catch the abuse in the scenario you listed. This is what screwed Baltimore cops in August, because the officer who planted evidence on a suspect and then ‘activated’ his bodycam didn’t realize he was recording himself placing evidence.

      2.) Agreed. The whole point of a campus police force vs. city police is that the campus cops will be kinder, gentler, more… educational. I find it very surprising that Chief Carmichael is making the police more militant instead of less so. The siege mentality in the law enforcement community has gotten out of hand.

  6. Suicide by cop says:

    Their are many campus examples. Giving the police Tazers will reduce the chance that incidents with knives, such as at Georgia Tech, will not end with a dead student. But in combination with arming the police with assault rifles it will encourage more Las Vegas type attacks, by raising the level of violence a depressed, suicidal person needs to inflict before being confident the police will respond by killing them rather than incapacitating them.


    Suicide by cop.

    Hutson HR1, Anglin D, Yarbrough J, Hardaway K, Russell M, Strote J, Canter M, Blum B.
    Author information
    “Suicide by cop” is a term used by law enforcement officers to describe an incident in which a suicidal individual intentionally engages in life-threatening and criminal behavior with a lethal weapon or what appears to be a lethal weapon toward law enforcement officers or civilians to specifically provoke officers to shoot the suicidal individual in self-defense or to protect civilians. The objective of this study was to investigate the phenomenon that some individuals attempt or commit suicide by intentionally provoking law enforcement officers to shoot them.
    We reviewed all files of officer-involved shootings investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department from 1987 to 1997. Cases met the following criteria: (1) evidence of the individual’s suicidal intent, (2) evidence they specifically wanted officers to shoot them, (3) evidence they possessed a lethal weapon or what appeared to be a lethal weapon, and (4) evidence they intentionally escalated the encounter and provoked officers to shoot them.
    Suicide by cop accounted for 11% (n=46) of all officer-involved shootings and 13% of all officer-involved justifiable homicides. Ages of suicidal individuals ranged from 18 to 54 years; 98% were male. Forty-eight percent of weapons possessed by suicidal individuals were firearms, 17% replica firearms. The median time from arrival of officers at the scene to the time of the shooting was 15 minutes with 70% of shootings occurring within 30 minutes of arrival of officers. Thirty-nine percent of cases involved domestic violence. Fifty-four percent of suicidal individuals sustained fatal gunshot wounds. All deaths were classified by the coroner as homicides, as opposed to suicides.
    Suicide by cop is an actual form of suicide. The most appropriate term for this phenomenon is law enforcement-forced-assisted suicide. Law enforcement agencies may be able to develop strategies for early recognition and handling of law enforcement-forced-assisted suicide (suicide by cop). Health care providers involved in the evaluation of potentially suicidal individuals and in the resuscitation of officer-involved shootings should be aware of law enforcement-forced-assisted suicide as a form of suicide.

  7. Dog says:

    yeah I sniffed a bomb once,

    I don’t recommend it – they smell really vile to dogs …

  8. UO Private Army says:

    Looks like UOPD is pushing $6 million a year. Back in Dan Williams day, the UO paid EPD a half million a year for policing. Far cheaper with more safety. I don’t get it. Does the UO want it’s own cops so it can cover up jock crime? Or does the UO Prez just want his own private army? Next thing they’ll get surplus tanks from Trump. The lawsuits will be huge.

  9. dog says:

    Ah, Dan Williams

    now he embodied commons sense and functionality

  10. Oldtimer says:

    indeed he did.