Historic Hayward Field teardown begins by ripping apart roof timbers, as Klinger explains “salvage” plans

Update: From the RG, here:

UO spokesman Tobin Klinger described the work being done Friday as the “pre-construction process,” part of preparing the site for a new stadium.

“There are a couple of earth-movers that are doing the removal in a way that is intended to allow us to continue to salvage materials as we go through this process, for future use,” Klinger said.

It’s not cheap to find a man willing to say things like this – though I’m not sure why UO is paying Mr. Klinger to carry water for Paul Weinhold’s UO Foundation:


Video of the UO Foundation “continuing to salvage materials … for future use”, from a helpful commenter:

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13 Responses to Historic Hayward Field teardown begins by ripping apart roof timbers, as Klinger explains “salvage” plans

  1. Dog says:

    Indeed we can build to an excellent faculty by salvaging all the deadwood around here – I am sure this is phase 2 of the overall salvage plan – I will be looking for the earthmovers to show up
    in my lab, any day now

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trash it quick before anyone can come up with the money to move/save it. That happens so often in this town. Damn us for short-sighted idiots — furture generations certainly will.

  3. Inquiring Minds says:

    I believe they did salvage the seats. But today they are just bulldozing up the ruined exterior timbers. Definitely no salvage happening, it’s a jumbled mess. Maybe it will get ground up into mulch somewhere or re purposed as bio fuel instead of landfill we can hope.

    • XDH says:

      From the gym this morning I could see (or I thought I saw) where they were pulling out the larger pieces of lumber and putting them into a pile at the south end of Hayward. Whether or not that observation qualifies as “salvage” depends upon what happens to those larger pieces…

      • uomatters says:

        Rumor down at the faculty club pool party is that we can help ourselves to any lengths of clear doug fir 12×12’s that survived, to shore up PLC offices for the big one. Andre LeDuc’s Risk Management has a loaner chainsaw, bring your own gloves and rigging.

        • Dog says:

          can use that to build to Department of Dead Wood,
          each member gets their own salvaged plank for
          their desk

          waiting for the big one …

        • XDH says:

          …or shore up Onyx Bridge. That sucker is gonna collapse like the freeways in the Bay Area did in 1989!

          • dog says:

            I suspect that the destruction of Onyx Bridge would be uniquely devoid of protesters …

    • uomatters says:

      I love the smell of lead-based biofuel. I wonder what a cord of Historic Hayward Fuel runs – split and stacked.

    • anonymous says:

      Hope not. Lead paint.

  4. UO82 says:

    The Day The Music Died…

  5. Anon says:

    Word on the street is Klinger is out, circumstances unknown.