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June 7-8 Board of Trustees meetings reveal decline in excellence metrics

As with most BOT meetings, this one is scheduled to coincide with an athletic event. In this case it’s the NCAA T&F championships. The next meeting is Sept 6-7, followed by a Duck football body-bag game against PSU.

You can go to the BOT website here and click and page through pdfs trying to find out when the BOT committees and Board are meeting this Th and Fr and what’s on their agendas. Or just use my much more convenient format:

The gist:

Thursday there will be committee meetings from 8:30 to about 2:30, with a lunch break. Friday the Board will meet starting at 8:30AM.

All meetings will be in the Ford Alumni Center Giustina Ballroom. Videos will be livecast at

Nothing new of substance will be disclosed, discussed, or decided in the BOT’s public meetings, unless the students force it.

So just how excellent will these meetings be? Let’s check the Board’s metrics. A quick search of the meeting materials for “excellence” gives 5 + 3 + 0 + 15 = 23, a statistically significant decline from past meetings.

The details:

Thursday Committee meetings:

Board of Trustees | Academic and Student Affairs Committee | June 7, 2018, 8:30 a.m.

Meeting materials here. Agenda:

Provost’s Quarterly Report

1. Student Conduct Code – Proposed Revisions (Action): Kris Winter, Dean of Students; Jill Creighton, Assistant Dean of Students for Conduct and Operations; Keegan Williams-Thomas, Undergraduate Student and Member of the Community Standards/Student Conduct Committee

2. Institutional Hiring Plan – Strategic Priorities and Direction: Jayanth Banavar, Provost and Senior Vice President

3. Annual Report: Student Success Initiative: Doneka Scott, Associate Vice Provost for Student Success

Board of Trustees | Executive and Audit Committee | June 7, 2018, 10:30 a.m.

Meeting materials here. Agenda:

1. Quarterly Audit Report and Consideration of FY19 Audit Plan (Action): Trisha Burnett, Chief

2. Enterprise Risk Management: Andre Le Duc, Associate Vice President and Chief Resiliency Office, Leo Howell, Chief Information Security Officer

3. Transform IT – Implementation update: Jessie Minton, Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer

Board of Trustees | Finance and Facilities Committee June 7, 2018, 1:30 p.m.

Meeting materials here. Agenda:

1. Quarterly Financial Reports: Jamie Moffitt, Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO

2. FY19 Budget and Expenditure Authorization (Action): Jamie Moffitt, Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO

3. University Housing Capital Plan: Roger Thompson, Vice President for Student Services and
Enrollment Management; Michael Griffel, Director, University Housing

4. Academic Allocation Model Implementation: Jayanth Banavar, Provost and Senior Vice President

5. Retirement Plan Management Annual Update and Policy Modifications (No Impact to
Benefits/Plans) (Action): Jamie Moffitt, Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO; Craig Ashford, Assistant General Counsel; Gay Lynn Bath, Retirement Plans Management Director

Board of Trustees FRIDAY, June 8 – 9:00 a.m.: 

Meeting materials here. Agenda:

– Public comment

1. ASUO and University Senate Reports
-ASUO Outgoing President Amy Schenk and Incoming President Maria Gallegos
-University Senate Incoming President Bill Harbaugh

2. President’s Report

3. Resolutions from Committee
-FY19 Budget and Expenditure Authorization (pending June 7 action by FFC)
-Amendments to Retirement Plan Management Policies (pending June 7 action by FFC)
-Amendments to the Student Conduct Code (pending June 7 action by ASAC)

4. Academic Area in Focus – Volcanology, Volcanic Hazards, and Geothermal Energy: Paul Wallace, Department Head and Professor, Earth Science; Joe Dufek, Lillis Professor of Volcanology, Earth Sciences

5. Presidential Initiative in Data Science: Bill Cresko, Professor of Biology and Initiative Director

6. IDEAL Framework Implementation: Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Vice President for Equity and
Inclusion; Victoria DeRose, Professor, Associate Vice President and CODAC Director; Lesley-Anne Pittard, Assistant Vice President and CMAE Director of Programs

7. Conferral of Honorary Degrees (Action): President Michael Schill

Mr. Lorry I. Lokey and Ms. Carrie Mae Weems.


  1. Anon fan 06/07/2018

    No live-blog?

    • uomatters Post author | 06/07/2018

      Sorry, swamped. If you see anything interesting in the meeting materials please post a comment.

  2. Sun Tzu 06/08/2018

    Maybe the President and BoT should focus on improving academic rankings instead of the always fabulously entertaining Retirement Plan Management and Enterprise Risk Management discussions and attending sports events:

    UO: 581-590 (out of 1000)
    (OSU: 450)

    FYI, UO was ranked in the cohort 501-500 in 2016.

    PS. We have a Chief Resiliency Officer? Adds a whole new bureaucratic twist to the term “resiliency”. Must be quite fun to explain your job to folks at a party. Poor chap…

    • dog 06/08/2018

      While I agree the concept is silly to have that position in Higher Ed – in this case at the UO, the person, Andre Le Duc, I have found to be one of the most aware and responsive individuals in the
      campus framework. If you point out an issue to him, he responds and investigates – quite refreshing

  3. Anonymous 06/11/2018

    Are you still a member of the “press”? I don’t think opinions count as “press” but the level of factual coverage of events does seem to be slipping.

    • uomatters Post author | 06/11/2018

      Oh shit, I forgot to renew that. Sorry.

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