8 Responses to Ed School’s Charles Martinez leaves for Dean job at UT-Austin

  1. A duck says:

    Are turnover rates at U of O low, average, or high compared to similar schools? It feels high, but some numbers to back up the intuition would be nice. Anybody got some data in this field?

  2. Another UO Casualty says:

    UO is a step stone for some administrators. Come in, “make their mark”, go on to more lucrative positions. While students, faculty, staff live with and suffer the consequences of those “marks”.

    • Max Powers says:

      I hope you are not making the assumption that large numbers of quality people want to come to the U of O in the first place. Word is out in many circles that given the dysfunction and acrimony between faculty and administration, administration and staff, etc etc etc that the U of O is not a good destination right now.

      • uomatters says:

        “Word is out in many circles?” Look, I’m willing to run a gossip blog, but that’s failing gossip. What are they saying about us at the AAU? Or at least at the HECC? No Idea? How about City Club? The DAC steam room then?

        • Max Powers says:

          I am talking about professional circles. I work in high level administration at another university and I have heard multiple people tell me in my professional associations that the U of O is not a good place to be at the moment. To quote one “I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would work there.” I am hearing this from quality folks that I respect and who do good work on their campuses. The quote I referenced was from someone at another good Pac 12 institution.

          • Fishwrapper says:

            Yeah, well, those of us sailing on the flagship say that about UO all the time regardless…

  3. Conflict of Interest says:

    The deeply embedded admin culture that enabled Espy’s bullying self serving agenda to bloom, coddled Jim Bean’s charade…promoted Coltrane’s spineless and unprincipled ride…will take a generation to heal and replace.

    Schill is undoubtedly a step up, but just as Espy could not have happened without a deep weakness surrounding her…Schill alone, with his strengths outweighing his flaws, will need many other strong spirits to lead UO up.

  4. EduTalks says:

    UO is a toxic place…Schill doing his best but he’s surrounded by a weak executive.