5 Responses to Provost completes gender equity study, 72 faculty to get raises

  1. uomatters says:

    Thanks. The abstract:

    As the American college student population has become more diverse, the goal of hiring a more diverse faculty has received increased attention in higher education. A signal of institutional commitment to faculty diversity often includes the hiring of an executive level chief diversity officer (CDO). To examine the effects of a CDO in a broad panel data context, we combine unique data on the initial hiring of a CDO with publicly available faculty and administrator hiring data by race and ethnicity from 2001 to 2016 for four-year or higher U.S. universities categorized as Carnegie R1, R2, or M1 institutions with student populations of 4,000 or more. We are unable to find significant statistical evidence that preexisting growth in diversity for underrepresented racial/ethnic minority groups is affected by the hiring of an executive level diversity officer for new tenure and non-tenure track hires, faculty hired with tenure, or for university administrator hires.

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  2. Oryx says:

    Somewhat related:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Press release: “Kimberly Andrews Espy today released the results…”

    Actual report: Eight authors, none named Espy.

    Guess some thing never change.


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    • uomatters says:

      Comment of the year. Please contact our swag office for your complimentary coffee cup.

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  4. pedantic duck says:

    The article just says “adjustments”. Conceivably some of those might have been decreases.

    Also: “Overall, the study showed that, among UTSA tenured/tenure-track faculty, there were no statistically significant differences among male and female faculty members’ salaries when controlled for department, experience and rank. Furthermore, with these variables controlled, there were no differences between under-represented minority and international faculty and White, non-Hispanic faculty.”

    Not exactly a stinging indictment.

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