Nevertheless she is persisting. Oral arguments on Freyd case April 11, 2PM.

Psychology professor Jennifer Freyd spent several years documenting that she was significantly underpaid relative to her full professor peers in the psychology department, and getting agreement from her department chair and external reviewers on the facts, but still not getting a significant raise. So in March 2017 she filed a pay discrimination lawsuit in federal court.

Now, two years later, complaints have been made, motions and affidavits have been filed, depositions heard, and the case is finally scheduled for an oral argument on UO’s effort to dismiss, in front of Judge Michael McShane. Lengthy docket here, full of embarrassing quotes from administrators and lawyers past and present. Yes, of course Scott Coltrane is still blaming it on the union.

Next week’s hearing:

Scheduling Order by Judge Michael J. McShane: Based upon the schedule of the Parties, the Oral Argument regarding Motion for Summary Judgment 56 and Motion for Summary Judgment 65 set for 4/2/2019 is reset for 4/11/2019 at 02:00PM in Eugene Courtroom 2 before Judge Michael J. McShane. Ordered by Judge Michael J. McShane.

Were Professor Freyd an incompetent male business school dean, or an incompetent male president, or an incompetent male football coach, or an incompetent male chief spokesman, the general counsel’s office would have offered a generous settlement years ago. I can’t imagine what the holdup is here. No, it couldn’t be that, could it?

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