HR Director & VP for HR caught trolling union on twitter, “resign”

That would be at OHSU. From the Portland Business Journal, here:

In a bizarre turn of events, Oregon Health & Science University President Dr. Danny Jacobs apologized after the head of human resources resigned amid a Twitter trolling incident targeting an employee union.

Patrick Frengle had made anti-union posts on AFSCME Local 328’s social media channels under several aliases, Aanus McFadden and Roy Vragina, according to AFSCME Local 328, as first reported in Willamette Week.

Frengle, a strategic financial analyst, “included information about the cost of dues being higher than they were,” said Matt Hilton, a switchboard operator at OHSU and president of Local 328. “It was a coordinated campaign to get individuals to drop their membership.” …

A statement OHSU issued Tuesday said, “this behavior does not reflect our core value of transparency.

But wait, there’s more:

AFSCME noticed another suspicious Twitter account — “PeterPumpkinEater” — that “liked” many of Frengle’s posts, according to a blog post on the union’s website by Jennifer Barker, a member of Local 328’s bargaining team.

On Monday, AFSCME took its concerns to Dan Forbes, OHSU’s vice president of human resources, who had sat across the bargaining table explaining the merits of OHSU’s proposals during contract negotiations, Barker said.

Yes, it was Forbes:

The union then shared information about the “Peter” account with a member of the OHSU administration, and Forbes resigned the next day, according to Barker.

Jacobs issued another apology on Wednesday evening, first reported in The Lund Report. He said Forbes would remain at OHSU until Nov. 1 to help with a smooth transition.


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5 Responses to HR Director & VP for HR caught trolling union on twitter, “resign”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OHSU has officially become a corporation that’s serves not its patients but it’s high ranked high paid executives. Very sad for myself after spending 27 years year’s here and not as an AFSCME employee

    • DTL says:

      Hey, anonymous, would OHSU like their CIO back? We can throw in a couple of other very well paid C*O’s as a bonus!

  2. Richard Bohloff says:

    Please stop disparaging Patrick “Aanus Vragina” Frengle’s good name.

    • uomatters says:

      This guy was pretty dumb. He should have followed Scott Coltrane’s lead and hired a union-busting law firm, so that he could claim their dirty work was covered by attorney-client privilege.

  3. It's classified says:

    So when does Mr Forbes start working in Johnson Hall?

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