How much will Gov Brown’s Doha trip cost Oregon and UO?

Jeff Manning has the story in the Oregonian here. No word if the UO Foundation’s Paul Weinhold will be there too, to reiterate his promise to use the UO Foundation’s endowment money to guarantee this sporting event. A few snippets:

It appears that Brown is getting into the spirit even before the Doha competition begins. She has reassured officials of the sport’s international governing body that she will find an additional $20 million in state support for the Eugene World Championships. The state has already pledged $20 million, raised by an increase in hotel room taxes and grants from the state’s tourism agency.

The International Athletic Associations Federation unexpectedly awarded its biggest event to Eugene in 2015. It was a stunning achievement for Eugene, the first U.S. city and likely the smallest ever to host the event. The city’s reputation as one of the nation’s hotbeds of track and field resonated with IAAF officials, they said later.

But organizers said they need another $20 million from the state, on top of the $20 million already pledged, to make the event happen. To fill that $20 million gap, Brown vowed in an April 25, 2019 letter to the IAAF to come up with the money.

And people wonder why the legislature is getting tired of supporting UO’s academic side?

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4 Responses to How much will Gov Brown’s Doha trip cost Oregon and UO?

  1. eugenenative says:

    How much of the $40 mil is going to line the pockets of corrupt IAAF officials and cronies? Isn’t the IAAF still under criminal investigation?

    Talk about throwing good money after bad.

  2. eugenenative says:

    Don’t understand why the State of Oregon is on the hook for the event organizers multi-million dollar shortfall. Did the cost of bribes to corrupt IAAF officials go up unexpectedly?

    • eugenenative says:

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