3 Responses to “Hard to find a sillier way to spend $20m in public money”

  1. Dog says:

    Your looking at this all wrong

    once we thought it was a medieval tower design to hang
    recalcitrant faculty from

    now its clearly a Schillips designed launch vehicle to shoot recalcitrant faculty out (presumable as part of the opening ceremonies) and that silly ferris wheel outside the EMU was
    just a precursor

    Its all connected …

  2. Anonymous says:

    noun, plural fol·lies
    1. the state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense.
    2. a foolish action, practice, idea, etc.; absurdity: the folly of performing without a rehearsal.
    3. a costly and foolish undertaking; unwise investment or expenditure.
    4. Architecture. a whimsical or extravagant structure built to serve as a conversation piece, lend interest to a view, commemorate a person or event, etc.:

    1. lack of good sense; foolishness.
    2. a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park.

  3. Fishwrapper says:

    Not too hard. What’s the annual upper admin payroll on campus? Sure – throw in head coach salaries, too, if you want to bust the $20M barrier faster. (To be fair, that’s not as silly an expenditure as it is just plain mean…)