Fabulously good news from state economists

When I moved here in 1995, Oregon was a poor state. Now median income for Oregon families is above the national average:

Full report here. It also addresses the implications for state revenue, which are boffo.

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7 Responses to Fabulously good news from state economists

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    It’s probably for the better, on the whole, but not an unalloyed gain if well-to-do people are moving in and making things like rent too expensive for the locals.

    Another thing, whenever there is a recession, Oregon sinks well below the national average. I have a feeling a lot of people in jobs at Oregon’s super-high minimum wage are going to be out of work when the next downturn comes.

    • dog says:

      tell these to Oregonians that live outside Washington and Clackamas counties

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        Well, I think what I said may well apply in the less urban, less prosperous counties. There has been stuff in the press lately about what Californians with their money are doing to Idaho — driving up the price of housing so much that the locals can’t live there anymore. I would think it would be similar in Oregon. How about the Eugene area, are the not-well-to-do doing better with the recent “prosperity”? I think it depends. Certainly, the newly homeless don’t seem to be doing too well to me.

        As for the minimum wage — legislators outside the Portland metro were very concerned about the high Oregon mimimum wage proposals — and got a tiered min wage structure enacted.

        • UO CC says:

          Maybe a speculative housing tax is a workable solution? I know they have similar taxes in Australia. I have no idea if they are legal in the US though.

  2. Dog says:


    shows the data, quite clearly
    as well as a pretty in depth discussion;

    yes I realize the in depth discussions are not allowed by the Schillips mandates …