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Budget Buckets: Kyle Henley’s communications up 76%

#2 in a series of occasional posts on the subject of where the UO administration is spending our money. Content Strategery is up $2M, Brand Strategery $400K. If you have any idea WTF he’s buying with that money please post a comment.


  1. honest Uncle Bernie 01/11/2020

    Just the Comm and PD budgets up $6M. Getting to be real money. What has that gotten us?

    How much for the various diversity equity inclusion budgets? I’d bet between $10-20M by the time you’re done counting. What has that gotten us? Are achievement gaps closing? There certainly seem to be more admins butting into everything.

    What are the other big sinks?

    • uomatters Post author | 01/12/2020

      It seems the Police spent their cut on a dog. I’m guessing Kyle Henley wasted his share.

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