6 Responses to UOPD fires K-9 officer for excessive use of force, false testimony

  1. alphadog says:

    This was absolutely the correct outcome. It’s great that they caught him and an innocent person wasn’t convicted based on this officers filthy lies. But, as a 26 year retired police supervisor, this article begs the question: why weren’t this officers supervisors aware of his behavior long before this? If they’re reviewing his arrest reports properly, the 1st thing they’re going to do when they see ANY mention of a use of force, is look at his BWC footage and his dashcam footage. I understand that the officer was a habitual liar, but proper review of his performance would have revealed the wrongdoing long before now.

    • uomatters says:

      Good point. Obviously the UOPD now has lots of training – but not clear how much follow-up.

    • Suzanne Johnston says:

      Alphadog, i’m surprised to see such a naive comment from a fellow police officer (even if you are retired). In your 26 years did you believe everything published by the media about your officers, department or profession? Maybe you might have even been around long enough to see politics play into an IA or two. The fact that it doesn’t make sense that his supervisors hadn’t seen use of force or honesty issues should led you to question if this officer truly was a habitual liar or had any history of issues. It seems interesting to me there was no request for comment from the officer, union or otherwise so a fair unbiased opinion could be made of the situation.

      • Fishwrapper says:

        “Naive comment…” Really? Now, I don’t know what research methods alphadog utilized to come to the conclusion as written in the comment, but it’s not a naive conclusion. After reading the article, I was struck by the amount of specificity about the officer’s actions and omissions; conveniently the article includes a link to the report itself. If, as I did, alphadog used that link, it would be easy, in this case, to believe this report (at least) about officer, department, or profession. Perhaps alphadog took the time to do so, which would make this an informed comment. It’s the kneejerk ones that appear far more naive to me…

      • alpahdog says:

        Naive is the last thing I am, and politics has absolutely nothing to do with this. I spent decades policing with honor and integrity. I have conducted hundreds of internal investigations, some resulting in criminal charges, some resulting in internal discipline/punishment, and some resulting in exoneration. I have never been out to get cops. Quite the opposite. But the bad ones are the masters of their own fate. Please tell me you’re not one of those cops that always backs other cops, just because you wear the same uniform. If so, that does EVERYONE a huge disservice. I suggest you actually read the internal investigative report. It’s so full of red flags that it’s laughable to say this shouldn’t have been nipped in the bud a long time ago. This officer was a cancer. He was given multiple opportunities to come clean, and he refused to do so. What would he have been like in another 2, 5 or 10 years? Take all of his lying out of the argument for a moment… Let’slook at the fact that he felt the need to draw his weapon on someone because they were wearing a sheathed knife. Really? He feared for his safety? I’m thinking he never should have been a cop to begin with, then. Carrying a knife isn’t illegal, and you can’t just point your gun at someone because they have one. Was he really afraid for his safety, or was he lying about it to justify drawing his weapon? If you forget all the other stuff, best case scenairio would be that this officer would need some SERIOUS amounts of re-training before he could be trusted on the streets again. But, when you factor in all the other crap this guy did, I think that you and the citizens of Eugene should be thanking your lucky stars that he’s gone. He simply didn’t deserve to wear that badge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the video? I’d like to judge this officer’s evilness for myself.