Altman’s heavily subsidized Duck BBall gets new coaches offices

Some buckets are more equal than others. From Carrington Powell in the Daily Emerald:

The University of Oregon is updating the Matthew Knight Arena with new enhancements, such as a rebranding and new coach offices, nine years after its construction. …

“It’s areas that haven’t been updated from a graphic and branding standpoint in a while,” he added. Stanton said the branding update will give many different parts of the arena a “fresh, attractive and innovative” look. The update will include the locker room, weight room, training room, corridors, common space and nutrition area.

…The renovations are not being paid by out of UO’s operating budget, according to the Board of Trustees meeting packet. Stanton said the project is funded by a private gift and said he didn’t know how much the construction will cost. Phil Knight’s private contracting company, Phit Too, LLC, is in charge of the project.

The three-story office building will allow student athletes to come to their coaches’ offices in the same building that they train in. According to a meeting packet from the UO Board of Trustees each floor will be 5,000 square feet and each floor will have a dedicated area for coach offices, meeting rooms, break rooms, restrooms and a reception area.

That’s nice. Meanwhile UO’s operating budget just paid ~$2.37M for utility tunnels and electrical work to wire up Hayward Field, and the academic side continues to pay another ~$5M recurring to subsidize the Jock Box, Matt Court land bonds, Presidential Skybox and Matt Court tickets, etc.

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