10 Responses to Gov. Brown prohibits in-person college teaching thru April 28

  1. charlie says:

    I’m guessing no rebates for dorm costs or meal plans if they open school in April….

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Will be interested to hear what UO comes up with to cover 4th week midterms. Just delay?

    Here’s hoping it recedes fast enough to rescind this stuff. A hope, not a prediction. But it does seem to be receding in China, if the stories can be trusted, and in Korea.

    So far at least, USA has one of lowest death rates per capita of any major country.

    Interesting that some places have hundreds of confirmed cases and no deaths yet.

  3. heraclitus says:

    OSU announced yesterday: no Campus classes at all next term and no dorm fees. I have absolutely no doubt that we will follow suit soon.

    • Dog says:

      and no one has mentioned the law school and there will be no more physical class meetings for the rest of this term, which ends near the end of april, beginning of may

    • Dog says:

      just happened
      fully ON line for spring term
      good or bad, the data will tell

  4. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    If there are no dorm fees, how does UO pay its bills? The dorm bonds, if nothing else.

  5. Dog says:

    right, err, fully remote is a lot more prestigious, I agree

    we are the FRU (fully remote University)

  6. New Year Cat says:

    Not everyone is remote. Amazingly, the libraries are still open for patrons and circulation. Given how often “digital” and “online” and “remote” are touted, it’s a bit silly to put frontline staff, who are students and classified workers, at unnecessary risk of transmission. But the same could be said for other areas of the campus, no doubt. Apparently everything is now “critical infrastructure” except staff lives. Not that I am cynical.