11 Responses to Mounting of The Phildo, fully erect and sheathed, inspires next generation

  1. marie says:

    Waste of fucking money. I’m thinking they may need it in the future.

  2. Steve P says:

    EW reports The Phildo is sagging: http://eugeneweekly.com/2020/03/26/slant-118/

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where are they getting their face masks from?

  4. Simplicissimus@gmail.com says:

    Sheath = Safer Branding.

    Imagine if there were any brandingly transmitted diseases.

    (How’s that for a bad sentence AND a bad pun?)

    • uomatters says:

      We’re relaxing our grading standards this quarter, so that’s a C-.

      • unclassifiedUO says:

        Not so far from the truth. The Academic Council approved temporary changes to academic policy for winter term:
        – no students will be academically disqualified based on winter grades
        – all students can retroactively request a grade change (graded to pass/no pass) until april 24

  5. M. Sanger says:

    The reason to use a sheath during mounting is to *prevent* the next generation, not inspire them. You boys really need to figure that out.

  6. Anas clypeata says:

    That’s no moon….

  7. a UO GE says:

    That sentence is a grotesque butchery of language. It’s not even just the PR buzzwords – it’s just a bad sentence.

    • uomatters says:

      Yeah maybe it wasn’t such a great idea for Kyle Henley to outsource Duck communications to that North Korean brand management firm.

    • apt says:

      bad but great if they want “mounting” to be the thrust of the message. I mean look at all this mounting is accomplishing!

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