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  1. Dog says:

    Just a heads up – pollen season erupted last Thursday (3/5) in case any of you are feeling small “flu” like symptoms – it may be allergy triggered, that is certainly my case right now …

    • Dog says:

      1. Seattle Public Schools close tomorrow (3/12) for 2 weeks
      2. All elderly care facilities in Puget Sound Area are now on quarantine/lockdown
      3. NCAA just announced no fans for March Madness games – men and women’s games

  2. Dog says:

    and yesteday the NCAA mens basketball game in the first round of the Division III tournament game (played in Baltimore) was announced to be played without fans – this is the first one, I suspect more will follow

  3. Observer says:

    Even 0.5% is five times the death rate of the flu. But other reports put out by WHO estimate a death rate of 3.4%. Furthermore, 5-10% of cases seem to need intensive care, involving ventilators and comas. When these are occupied, the death rate will soar from those who can’t get the healthcare they need. I think UW is wise to be cautious, and I hope the UO will be similarly cautious. Today’s call of a big meeting to inform people how it’s being handled doesn’t seem like a step in the right direction of limiting public gatherings and opportunities for exposure…

    • Dog says:

      yes the data shows high regional variance in terms of death rates; the issue of national hospital preparedness in the USA is quite real and shows we are pretty underprepared nationally, but some regional scales might fare better than others.

  4. charlie says:

    Coming to a flagship near you!!

  5. Dog says:

    I am responsible for the previous post. As a “service” I am likely to provide actual data to this blog to give readers a more objective view of the situation. I think Trump today claimed that “we met it, we beat it” or some such shit …

  6. Anonymous says:

    Likely the best source for real information and real data on this whole outbreak is at


    go there, spend some time there, become educated. As of yesterday, the latest statistics showed a mortality rate in South Korea (based on hundreds of cases) of about 0.5% (meaning 99.5 % of diagnosed patients recovered).

    The Seattle are is on super high alert for obvious reasons and I suspect that if things don’t improve in the next few weeks, the Seattle Mariners won’t be allowed to have fans. Three days ago the governor discourage the attendance of “large” public events.

    Also, a major new diagnostic was discovered by a team at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC and it looks quite promising as a definitive diagnostic


    • CSN says:

      To be clear: South Korea’s CSR does NOT mean that 99.5% of diagnosed patients recovered. It means that 99.5% of patients haven’t died *yet.* Many of them are likely to recover. But some more will also die.

      This illness lasts a while.

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