Committee formerly known as the Senate IAC to meet today at 3

Post-live blog:

I zoomed in for most of this. The most real part was Rob Mullens talking about possible NCAA cost-cutting measures. Cutting student-athlete scholarships was on the list, reducing the number of assistant coaches was not.

5/23/2020: The Senate turned this committee over to the President’s office back in 2016 or so, because Rob Mullens refused to work with it and as Senate Pres I was concerned that faculty might get in legal trouble for failing to regulate athletics, as happened at UNC.

Now it’s another toothless administrative group. Tune in to watch:

Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee

Zoom login info:
Meeting ID: 921 8771 0415

1. Update PAC12 work groups, fall planning — Rob Mullens

2. Academic successes/challenges in remote learning for student-athletes — Steve Stolp

3. Update on PAC12 Presidents Meeting/NIL & soliciting committee feedback/priorities —President Schill

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One Response to Committee formerly known as the Senate IAC to meet today at 3

  1. Former Member says:

    Yeah…there is actually no point to this committee in its current form. The meetings are a pro forma charade.