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Board of Trustees to meet on budget crisis, endowment assessment increase, Duck Athletic Fund surcharge for academics, closing law school, consultant freeze, early retirement buyout to replace deadwood tenured faculty with cheaper NTTF/Career, ending baseball and athletic subsidies, health concerns about football players, and what to do about Fall reopening

Last updated on 06/23/2020

Just kidding, they’re going to meet, but just about de-naming Deady. Gosh, I wonder what they’ll decide this time.

This Wednesday Thursday at 1 PM, online. Corrected materials here. (The original agenda had the day as Thursday, but it’s really on Wednesday.)

Livestream will presumably be on the UO Channel here.

All other matters will be resolved in secret zoom meetings between Angela Wilhems, Mike Schill, Patrick Phillips, Brad Shelton, and Rob Mullens over the next month or so.


  1. thedude 06/22/2020

    At least our University isn’t named Yale…

  2. Leticia 06/23/2020

    My two friend us attending law school At Oregon so fuck you old man. He earned it.

  3. Essential Personnel 06/23/2020

    Hopefully they will be able to write coherent briefs. Unlike the previous poster.

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