The sky isn’t falling in college admissions, yet

From Eric Kelderman in the Chronicle of Higher Ed:

The sky isn’t falling in college admissions. Not yet, anyway.

The threat of the coronavirus and uncertainty about how campuses will operate in the fall had threatened to drive prospective college students to reconsider their options for the coming semester, at least.

But enrollment managers at several small private and public regional colleges have told The Chronicle that they are close to meeting their goals for new first-year students, as well as maintaining strong retention of current students. In addition, news reports on both public and private colleges suggest that the fall headcount looks more promising than it did earlier in the spring — meaning many colleges are not facing a full-scale disaster after all.

That said, the institutions that responded to The Chronicle’s questions about enrollment trends showed a striking range of forecasts, with some colleges badly lagging behind their targets and others coming out ahead. …

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2 Responses to The sky isn’t falling in college admissions, yet

  1. Dog says:

    but its a long way from enrollments to actual butts on campus and the situation seems to change daily.

    I think there are two populations at risk with respect to actual enrollment.

    1) Incoming freshmen decide to take a gap year
    2. Out of state students decide to stay closer to home

    I think parental influence in 1 and 2 will be large.

  2. eddie says:

    Interesting that the Pres. Schill finds space for DACA SC ruling but not the LGBT employment ruling:

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