13 Responses to Ducks got $32M from PAC-12, spent $45M on coaches & staff

  1. Dog says:

    Please UOmatters do the relevant math, in milli-helfricks or whatever

    who many NTTF positions correspond to what we are paying all these coaches…?

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Question is, how much of the difference is coming from the Duck endowment, or Uncle Phil?

    Really, a much, more more serious question is, what happened to the CAS budget?

    • ScienceDuck says:

      The AD revenue is much more than the $32 million from the Pac12, so there isn’t a $13M deficit that needs covering by the endowment. UOM may or may not have been trying to be deceptive with that headline, but my first reaction was the same as yours. Oregon is relatively unscathed by the AD spending, unlike some other schools (UConn, for example, covers a $30 million+ AD deficit with general funds.) All bets are off this year, of course!

      • charlie says:

        Does the AD carry the debt for their facilities on their books? If not, then the academic side is very much impacted by the AD. With revenue producing sports not having seasons, or truncated ones, bondholders will be looking to the academic side for backfill….

        • uomatters says:

          Debt payment on the Knight Arena etc is about $20M a year. Without football, the Ducks will lose maybe $80M this year. They have reserves of $60M in Phil Knight’s “Legacy Fund”. UO is not obligated to pay Duck coaches out of tuition, but we are liable for the Knight Arena debt. https://uomatters.com/2020/03/the-ducks-have-63m-in-cash-will-pres-schill-let-them-keep-spending-it-on-themselves.html

          • charlie says:

            And the arena current debt load is $150 mil, que no?? That dog don’t hunt…

            • uomatters says:

              Were it true, this would be a relief to UO’s academic side, who’ve been paying $450K a year towards this Duck debt. And since they neglected to make the bonds recallable, that payment’s not going down.

            • Peter Keyes says:

              Wow Chris, in the immortal words of a former university president, I want some of what you’ve been smoking. As a member of the Senate Budget Committee that analyzed the long term implications of that arena financing, I suggest you do a little research and try to comprehend what the University is on the hook for, after the $100 million Legacy Fund is burned through.

            • Peter Keyes says:

              And I haven’t checked, but I’m wondering who’s paying for that spiffy new office wing that’s just been added. I’d bet there’s been $10 million plunked down on that.

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        Maybe all the new dorms, emu, stuff not potentially covered by Phil is more concerning. I don’t know the numbers. I don’t know what Phil is doing.

        Now, what about that CAS budget?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thinking about the person typing that report and how much they are getting paid. Crazy.

    • honest Uncle Gangsta says:

      A lot of the endowment is for athletics. Perhaps in extremis the foundation could be induced to cover the bonds out of that.

  4. AnotherClassified says:

    Let’s consider the UO Health Center, too. That’s the non-AD one. It’s like for regular students. Is it fully accredited? Is it funded and staffed to handle what surely will be out of control responsibilities Fall Term 2020 F2F instruction?

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