Pandemic will save UO $16M – what will JH spend it on?

More precisely, the Oregon Treasurer’s efforts to take advantage of the pandemic-induced fall in interest rates by refinancing university debt will save UO $16M over the next 3 years.

Press release here. The state will save a bunch because they pay for bonds for academic buildings. I think that the university savings, below, are mostly for debt incurred by the universities for dorms and athletics. UO would have saved far more, but, according to what I was told by the former UO Treasurer, whoever wrote the $235M in Knight Arena bonds neglected to include the standard clause making them recallable after 10 years. Meaning we are stuck paying 4% or whatever on them for another 20 years – like a mortgage you’re not allowed to refinance.

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4 Responses to Pandemic will save UO $16M – what will JH spend it on?

  1. Dog says:

    Vans for faculty to teach classes in ….

    • AnotherClassified says:

      Open topped vans: air. Better than McKenzie. ESL, lots of buildings and Their classrooms. Better to road trip with that arrangement then commingle several days a week for more than 50 minutes in spaces you all know. Spike: this is serious for everyone. The Admin has a losing hand but keeps betting hoping it will all work out. Irresponsible and illogical. $. I get it. What about moral responsibility to us and the greater community? This Spike only goes one way before 1 Sept.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Hey, I’ll bet Nike could come up with some cool camo designs for the faculty secret ops.

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    What does UO decide Aug 26?

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