Why I still love Oregon:

Yes, Oregon’s state government wasted $500m on a failed Obamacare website, takes 2 months to process unemployment claims, and gave $200M away for fake green energy tax scams – which only came to light after a reporter’s public records requests.

But it just takes our SOS and county voting registrars 29 minutes after polls close to post (almost) complete election results, down to every obscure town election and soil conservation district bond issue: https://results.oregonvotes.gov/Default.aspx?

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11 Responses to Why I still love Oregon:

  1. Townie says:

    And that’s why the GOP in Oregon think its all rigged.

    • eugenenative says:

      GOP in Oregon thinks the earth is flat.

      • Dog says:

        hell yes, I drive from Eugene to Corvallis all the time, and its flat
        everyway that I go …

        • New Year Cat says:

          You must not be taking Coburg/Peoria road LOL.

          • Dog says:

            still pretty flat on that route; very small grade on peoria road just
            south of the mighty peoria metropolis. If you go via church road and white oak road I think you see the largest elevation change ,,,

  2. uomatters says:

    Secretary of State Bev Clarno is a Republican. Two years ago she certified the election in which voters rejected the ballot initiative to allow us to pump our own gas. Now she’s going to certify the election allowing us to smoke(?) psilocybin.
    Maybe she is rigging the results, but at least Oregon will not have people on shrooms filling their tanks with inflammable hydrocarbons. I count that as a victory for good government.

  3. dtl says:

    Smoking shrooms not recommended. So I hear…

  4. Anas clypeata says:

    Also, 81+% turnout because we have vote by mail. That’s even after a few years of automatic voter registration at the DMV, which (I presume) means that a lot of politically uninterested people get ballots.

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