Fiesta Bowl CEO Michael Nealy gets $871K, Cristobal gets $300K+, players get $0

I hope this is not true, and that the Duck boosters have figured out how to slip them some bitcoin along with the customary trinkets and sneakers.

Here are the top earners for the Fiesta Bowl, which has managed to keep it’s non-profit status despite the scandal which lead to the imprisonment of its former CEO John Junker for spending bowl money on strippers, politicians, and flowers for his daughter’s college admissions officer. Junker was paid $600K, Nealy gets much more – presumably enough to keep him from padding his expense accounts. Not bad for organizing a football game. (2017 data from the IRS):

And of course a $800K loan:

Meanwhile the Ducks will pay coach Mario Cristobal a $300K bonus:

But wait, there’s more! UO’s Board of Trustees just gave Cristobal a new contract with big increases in pay and retention bonuses, and made it all retroactive to January 2020. He gets another $100K if the Jock Box can game his student-athlete’s academic progress, as measured by the NCAA:

And we just paid him a $500K retention bonus – and will owe him more:

Along with the other customary pork:

etc. Old contract, new contract. I don’t know how much his assistant coaches are getting.

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  1. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    Come on, it was a performance for the ages!

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