UO Chemistry students caught paying to cheat on-line.

Daily Emerald reporter Claire Warner has the story here:

… Launched in 2014, Chegg Study provides students 37 million Q&A’s “to help students better understand their schoolwork,” according to its website. While many of its customers use the service to do just that, some students pay the $14.95-per-month subscription fee to get dependable answers during unproctored online exams.

“Students had been posting our questions from the very first exam,” Kelly said. “They were actually getting real-time answers from the Chegg tutors.”

Students can type or upload photos of questions and receive solutions from Chegg’s network of “experts” in an average of 46 minutes, according to the Chegg Study webpage. Senior instructor of chemistry Thomas Greenbowe told the Emerald that Chegg allegedly attempted to recruit UO graduate students to answer chemistry questions uploaded to Chegg in the spring. The students informed instructors that they declined the offer. 

Services like Chegg have become more accessible to students during unproctored exams in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, causing what UO chemistry professor Shannon Boettcher believes is a “huge problem with academic dishonesty across the nation in the light of remote learning and COVID-19.” …

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4 Responses to UO Chemistry students caught paying to cheat on-line.

  1. Dog says:

    well eventually, perhaps in a couple of years given the progress noted at


    there will be context based AI that can be used in large lecture classes to grade short answer essay style questions, like

    give a physical explanation why temperature and pressure are linearly correlated for an ideal gas

    that will be a game changer

    • uomatters says:

      Yeah who will need to bother with college – or at least with physics classes?

      • Anonymous says:

        Absolutely, I tell all my students to take the NO bullshit econ classes if they want to actually learning something useful …

  2. chastened premed says:

    Those chemistry professors, they are so smart, they’ve figured out ways that Chegg can’t possibly defeat. They are wizards I tell you! Don’t try to cheat, they will kill you. Uncle Bernie warned me about them but I didn’t listen. Now I am a dishwasher, not a doctor!

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