Why can’t $278K VP Kyle Henley get UO positive publicity like this in the NYT?

Maybe the $278,168 Pres Schill is paying his VP for Strategic Communications Kyle Henley just isn’t enough to induce him to provide his best work? Or maybe his best work is just not very good.

UO’s efforts to help Eugene seem almost as impressive as UC-Davis’s. But while Henley can’t even get UO a positive story in the Oregonian, here’s the New York Times, reprinting what is basically a press release from UC-Davis:

DAVIS, Calif. — The coronavirus test center on A Street was bustling on a recent morning. Michael Duey was in line, as usual, with his teenage son. Margery Hayes waited for her wife in the parking lot. Dr. Elizabeth Pham hustled her children in for a quick pit stop.

Inside, each received a five-minute screening for the virus, administered and paid for by the University of California, Davis. Yet none of them is associated with the school.

All last fall, universities across the country were accused of enabling the pandemic’s spread by bringing back students who then endangered local residents, mingling with them in bars, stores and apartments. So U.C. Davis is trying something different.

Rather than turning the campus into a protective bubble for students and staff, as some schools have attempted, it has quietly spent the past six months making its campus bubble bigger — big enough, in fact, to encompass the entire city. …

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3 Responses to Why can’t $278K VP Kyle Henley get UO positive publicity like this in the NYT?

  1. Newishfaculty says:

    This post is petty.

    -a newish faculty and uomatters fan

  2. vhils says:

    FYI, word is Henley is leaving for USC

    • uomatters says:

      I congratulate USC on this excellent hire. Mr. Henley has been a beacon of transparency for UO, shining a path of light through the darkness of GC Kevin Reed’s Public Records Office. He has led his StratComm team in a transformation of our online presence, and has helped many colleges and departments with updating their websites with, with many new fonts. Under his “with-it” messaging savvy UO enrollment has surged. His social media outreach programs have yielded massive increases in state funding, as constituents now besiege their legislators with the news that UO is now a *university for oregon* – not just another big-time sports party school. And let me also mention the many videos he’s produced with that spokeswoman he hired so he wouldn’t have to put his face in them for the permanent record, which modestly and effectively promote the achievements of his boss President Schill. (And vihls, please do let me know when you’re sure the ink on the USC contract is dry.)

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