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Public Records Lawsuit Against University Foundation goes to Supreme Court

That would be muckraking journalist Daniel Libit’s lawsuit against the University of New Mexico Foundation:


  1. anon 12/06/2022

    Finding corruption in NM is pretty low hanging fruit. Must be a slow ‘news month’.
    I was a UNM prof for over a decade, and you are describing ‘elevator music’; please try harder.

  2. moss defender 12/06/2022

    that is a laughable take on this….many of us out here think university foundation lawlessness is quite a BIG deal….it sounds like you were part of the problem with your “slow news month” assertion…seems as if you are hopeful to attempt to insult this website into ignoring the widespread corrupt university foundation problem….someday UO Foundation may get the scrutiny it deserves and silly posts like yours will not be able to help the crooked insiders if that day ever arrives

    • anon 12/13/2022

      I am sure Bill’s buddies at UNM have well informed him of the state of play of corruption at UNM, in NM in general. My comment hardly ‘helps crooked insiders’, it just suggests that looking to NM for examples of fighting corruption is picking low hanging fruit. many folks, myself included, spend/spent decades fighting corruption, and finally simply moved on. Perhaps md should go and learn somethings about how corruption works outside UO. NM is a whole different planet.

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