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Oregon’s flagship now pays faculty more than UO does

That would of course be Oregon State, for Assistant and Associate Profs. UO’s Fulls are still slightly ahead. The last time I looked, about 10 years ago, UO salaries were about 5% above OSU’s. Obviously the mix of disciplines is different, but I’d have expected UO’s shift away from liberal arts toward sciences and the Knight Campus to have increased the gap in UO’s favor. More bad UO administration? Or is Johnson Hall just greedier than OSU’s administrators?

Data from the just released AAUP compensation survey at


  1. honest Uncle Bernie 06/26/2024

    I don’t know what these people are thinking. In the old days, UO at least had enough pride in itself to keep out front of poor ol’ OSU.

    Are the trustees just morons? Have they no pride? Seems hard to believe on both counts. Then what drives them? Are they just ignorant tools? I don’t get it.

  2. Concerned 06/28/2024

    First of all, yes some of the board members are morons, particularly Steve Holwerda. I can’t believe that this story did not get more traction:

    And to UO Matters’ comment, Mr. Holwerda does not just aspire to join Duck Athletics, he has already been there. After getting his degree at South Dakota State, followed by an MBA at the illustrious UO School of Business, Mr. Holwerda served as the Southern Oregon lead for the Duck Athletics fund. That is, his background and university frame is as an athletics fundraiser. That is how he built his network for his current job and for his university service.

    No one on the board has experience in higher ed, nor, except for Tim Boyle, have they even helped to lead nationally-relevant organizations or businesses. UO Matters loved to dump on Chuck Lillis, but the guy knew what he was doing at a high level, both academically and in terms of running large complex organizations. The current board was put together to be doormats for previous leadership, but no one was counting on them having to choose and supervise current leadership. These things matter, although the UO is not unique in this circumstance nationally at this point.

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